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About us

Committed to Keeping Your Pool Swim Ready.

  Hi, we're Derek and Jennifer Benoit. We have been married since December 2000. We have two amazing daughters, Isabelle and Lilly.


  Before we got into pool care, we learned a lot from helping establish and working for my father's local family business, The Cabinet Makeover.  Working with my dad was one of the single most important life lessons I have ever received. He always emphasizes the quality of work, and how we treat our clients. The level of meticulousness and attention to detail that we learned has served us greatly in our work and life in general.  




  Jennifer had the unique experience of assisting with The Cabinet Makeover, while also running her own cleaning business for over 15 years. Her experience in the cleaning industry has helped us deliver quality service that stands out among our competitors. I know I am biased, but anyone would tell you that she is the most selfless, kind and hard working person you will ever come across.


  So how did we get into pool care? We are very close friends with the wonderful people behind Waterdog Pools, Octopools, and Poolsharks. When you're friends with that many people in the pool industry, you almost have no choice but joining in! Seeing how much they enjoyed their work over the years got us interested. All of them were kind enough to lend a hand in us getting started and the rest is history.

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