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Professional Swimming Pool Filter Cleaning Services in New Orleans

Filter cleaning before and after

Your pool filter needs to get a good cleaning regularly to maintain proper filtration.

How Do Pool Filters Work?

Swimming pool filters trap dirt particles and bacteria and remove them out of the water. They are very effective at trapping  microorganisms, insects, food particles, germs. Their role is to keep your pool water clean and prevent contamination. There are three main types of pool filters, and each has a different lifespan and mechanism of action. Cartridge filters, sand filters and DE filters are the most widely used types. Choosing one over another comes down to your pools needs. 

Is pool filter cleaning necessary?

Pool filters are subject to wear and tear.  Certain factors, such as poor maintenance, reduce their lifespan.  Since debris and chemicals build up in the filter, a proper cleaning routine is essential to keeping your filters working effectively.  Without a regular cleaning routine, the pool will grow bacteria and turn cloudy.  Filters also play a vital role in circulating your water.  They help disperse chemicals throughout the pool.  If your filters are very dirty you may experience problems with the pool pump as well.  Regular filter cleaning is absolutely vital to keeping a swimming pool clean and safe.

Each type of filter has different needs and requires more or less maintenance. If your swimming pool has a sand filterbi-weekly backwashing is a good schedule.  We also offer a sand purge instead of sand changes, a sand purge will restore your sand to new condition,  — this will ensure proper water circulation and filtration. DE (Diatomaceous Earth) filters should be cleaned every season as well. Check the pressure gauge to figure out when it’s time to backwash; the more debris is in your filter, the higher the pressure will be. Cartridge filters don’t require backwashing, but you need to disassemble them every time they need to be cleaned.

How often should you clean your filters?

Let’s face it — pool filter cleaning isn’t fun. Thankfully, you don’t have go it alone!  Consider reaching out to Hammerhead Pools to get the job done and keep your pool in top shape year round. Whether you’re in need for a pool inspection, pool filter cleaning, or equipment repairs, we can help. Contact us today for a free estimate!

professional filter cleaning in new orleans

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