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Green Pool Cleanup Services | Hammerhead Pools

  Is your pool green? Is it starting to look like bayou St. John? If so your pool has algae. Nobody wants to swim in a pool that looks like a swamp. Not only is it unattractive but it means that your pool is no longer safe to swim in. Swimming pools are a perfect home for algae because of water and sun exposure. 

Where does algae come from?

  Algae spores can be brought into your pool many different ways. Unfortunately, under the right conditions algae can grow and spread in a matter of hours. Here are some of the reasons algae will grow in your pool:





  • Rain water

  • Clothing

  • Poor filtration/circulation

  • Warm temperature

  • Exposed to heavy sunlight

  • High phosphate concentration

green pool TN.png

Green pool cleanup

  Our green-to-clean services will turn your pool from a swamp back into a clear-blue oasis in less than a week. Our method involves netting the leaves and debris, killing the algae and bringing your water back in balance. 

Once we have restored your pool water into a safe swimming environment we inspect the pool to ensure it's in the best condition. As with any type of algae, the best treatment is prevention.  After completing our green to clean services it's highly recommended to have the pool serviced regularly.  If your pool has been neglected or is it bad shape, request our green to clean service to get your pool in perfect condition!

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