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How Boric Acid Treatment by Hammerhead Pools Can Benefit Your New Orleans Pool

Pool cleaning made easy with boric acid.

pH is stable

The pH won't change as easy in a pool with Borates in it. So, if you have a Salt Water Pool this is a must since the pH tends to rise dramatically. In fact, in a Salt Water Pool the pH can

rise to over 8.4 very rapidly. You will find yourself putting tons of acid in each week just to keep the pH below 7.8. With borates in the pool, the pH will be stable and easier to control. It is a must for a pool with a salt water generator. It also will keep your salt cell from building up calcium rapidly since it sequesters the calcium in the

water. This means the salt cell will remain cleaner and your salt system will run much more efficiently, for much longer.

Greatly reduce/eliminate algae growth

Boric Acid is a known Biostat. This prevents the algae cell from forming and multiplying. Thus, a pool with a Borate can greatly reduce or prevent algae growth. Since borates greatly reduce algae cells from growing, algae blooms will have a much harder time forming in your pool. No more algaecides or having to shock your pool over and over.

Water is more sparkling

Borates are more reflective so when the sun hits your pool water, it will really sparkle. The fact that it sequesters calcium will give the water added clarity and you will notice the sparkle is almost blinding. The difference is very marked and noticeable and it is a very good bonus benefit of borates. There is nothing like  the sparkle of a pool with borates in it.

Softer and Less Irritating water

The water in a pool with borates will feel  softer and won't burn your

eyes. It also will keep your skin and hair hydrated so after swimming

your skin won't be as dried out. Borates has been used for a very long time as a softener for laundry. You will find it in the laundry aisle and it makes sense that it will also make the water feel softer and prevent dry skin.

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