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Expert Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance Services in New Orleans

  Hammerhead Pools is a licensed and insured pool care company servicing New Orleans, Louisiana. We are also certified Orenda Pool Technicians.

  Weekly cleaning service and balanced LSI ensures a safe swimming environment and protection to plaster and equipment. What does a weekly service visit by Hammerhead include?

  Every visit from Hammerhead Pools concludes with a "visit summary" that is sent to you via text and/or email. The visit summary will inlcude: a timestamp the job was completed, technician's notes, the current chemical levels present and any chemicals we added to balance the water. The summary also includes before and after pictures of the pool so you can see what you're paying for!

Visit Summary


Visit summary links can be sent via email or text.

  • Test and adjust LSI/water chemistry

  • Service Polaris/automatic cleaners

  • Brush walls, floor and steps

  • Skim pool surface

  • Remove debris (leaves, sticks, etc.)

  • Empty skimmer and pump strainer baskets

  • Mechanical inspection of all equipment

  • Backwash filtration system as needed

  • Vacuuming when necessary

Hammerhead Pools is  dedicated to making every aspect of our service convenient for our customers. This is why we use Stripe as our payment system. This allows our invoices  to be paid online via bank transfer or credit/debit card. We even have an autopay feature so you can focus on what matters... swimming!

we accept credit cards and have autopay
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